Hi there,

I’m Jourdan, a Nova Scotia-based videographer who runs on ocean air, dark roast coffee, and big dreams.

Most days you can find me in something cozy, messy haired, and smiling, as I work from home with a little dog at my feet. When I’m not working, I take any chance I can to explore the beautiful island I call home.

I wasn’t born with a camera in my hand, but my lifelong love of horses helped me find this path. I originally discovered my interest in videography when I was living and working on ranches in Texas and Oklahoma. After returning home and graduating with a Diploma in Applied Media and Communication Arts, I quickly discovered my passion for telling stories.

I fell in love with the way video allows me to capture real emotion through my lens. Whether it’s a wedding, brand, or creative film, I strive to not only capture the moment, but the feeling and emotions that accompany it.

My style is unique, timeless, and real. I work closely with every client in order to tell your story in a creative and beautiful way that represents you. Whether it’s your love, your business, or your life.

Interested in working together? Or just think we would be best friends and you want to take our dogs hiking together?

I would love to hear from you!